Brunel Manor.jpg BRUNEL MANOR

We are looking forward to these three days of fasting and prayer at Brunel Manor. For sixteen years , we have held these gatherings twice-yearly, and experience an extraordinary level of God's presence. Together we praise and worship, pray for our Nation and Israel, humbling ourselves before Almighty God:  and like Esther, at the end of three days, including a night watch, we decree as the Holy Spirit leads us. Each time, we welcome guests to help us by teaching and leading the troops. This June, we are welcoming Kathleen Mitchell a renowned international teacher and intercessor, Colin Mitchell (no relation) from Mount carmel in Israel, as well as Mark and Cathy Warwick, who run a prayer house on the borders of Auswich. We are actually fully booked, but there is still room as a day visitor, or you can book a local B&B. We start at 1pm on the Monday, and have no agenda, being led by the Lord where to break, as we do not have to consider meal times. We end with a meal together at 2.30pm on the Wednesday. It is hard to leave the 'zone' where it has felt that heaven and earth have overlapped....

Our dates for November  is 23-25 2020, at Brunel Manor Torquay. We would love to see you there, to be part of these significant events.

 For Bookings and details contact Administrator: Anne Rowntree 07919 620566 e-mail:- dovetailshalom@btinternet.com

With shalom blessings

Roy and Brenda Taylor & Team. Dovetail Shalom Ministries



We are pleased to announce a special conference for May 9th 2020, when David and Josie Silver of Out of Zion Ministries will partner with Dovetail Shalom to celebrate the miracle of the birth of the Nation of Israel. This will be held at the 'Emmanuel Centre', Marsham Street, London SW1P 3DW from 10am -7pm. Please put the date in your diary as we demonstrate our firm standing together with Israel in this season. This Jew/Gentile event is a way to bless the heart of the Lord, Who has always purposed the 'One New Man'. May 14th 1948 saw the birth of Israel, ready to take her place in God's end-time prophetic schedule. There is much to celebrate!!!! More details to follow. THIS HAS NOW BEEN CANCELLED AND PUT BACK TO MAY 15th 2021 

Operatuion breakthrough

Thank you faithful intercessors for all your ptayers and declarations. Well we are now out of Europe, but much prayer is still needed so the Kingdom purposes of God can advance. This Operation Breakthrough team continues to meet and seek the Lord, and below is what we heard as we waited on Him over 3 days.