Brunel Manor Torquay                                                                                                         

Venue: Brunel Manor, Torquay, Devon TQ1 4SB

3 DAY PRAYER AND FAST REPORT  November 19th  - 21st 2018

This is the 14th year of bi-annual prayer and fasts, and it feels as though it is an ascending journey into glory. Every year feels even better than the one before.
The timing for this one was extremely strategic, with the whole Brexit process on a knife edge. We realised we had a Divine assignment in the heavenly realms, rather like the Battle of Britain, and we were the Air Force.
The strategy was to ascend in praise and worship, and flow from that place of prophetic anointing. The Lord led us each step of the way, and took us through many varied expressions of Holy Spirit anointing, like I, Brenda, have never experienced before. Several times we were led into profound prophetic actions, while being bathed continuously in His presence and in His glory. Some moments were so holy we were stunned into silence: other times the joy of the Lord was our strength and exuberant praise erupted.
There were ‘moments ‘ that will remain forever etched in our hearts as we flowed in great unity and strong purpose.
This was not about any man or woman or speaker. It was ‘Kingdom ‘ all the way, and a deep sense of privilege just to be a part of it all.
Powerful intercession for Israel and Britain rose to heaven across the whole three days, and no-one wanted it to end....
Our thanks go to Andrew and Carole Baker, Colin Mitchell, and Richard Lewis who served us so wonderfully: also to faithful helpers and sacrificial intercessors who heard the call to come, and obeyed.
We are working to see these events multiplied because they bless Father’s heart and help fulfill ‘If My people.....’ 2 Chron 7:14, and change a Nation. Please pray about hosting one in your area, even if it starts small, and we will come to support and help in any way we can. It’s a new season! New wine/wine skin! New sound! One New Man! This means:-
Change—Challenge— and will surely birth Champions!
Our next dates are:-
June 24-26 2019 at King’s Park
Nov 25-27 at Brunel


It is a special part of our three day fast to make decrees, like Queen Esther. They all begin ‘If it please the King...’ Below are bullet points of the decrees made this time:-
We decree that the Church will find the road out of the Wilderness; (Isaiah 43:18&19) that she will come out in the power of the Holy Spirit, and carrying the message for this season on her heart, ie.
Spirit and truth worship
New wine/ wine skins
One New Man
We decree the Church will return to her first love, and prepare herself as a Bride for her Bridegroom. (Rev 2:4)
We decree a complete break from the EU :
that the enemy will have to back off as the Lion of Judah roars again in this Nation
(Exodus 6:6-8)
We decree that Britain will once again be a friend to Israel, and move Embassy to Jerusalem.

We decree protection over Israel’s borders and vulnerable places nearby.
We further decree a continued and accelerated tearing of the veil over Jewish eyes to reveal Y’shua.
We decree that Great Britain shall remain united, all 4 Nations, and be blessed with a Godly government.

With shalom blessings

Roy and Brenda Taylor & Team

Dovetail Shalom Ministries

The next fasts will be 24-26 June 2019 at King's Park, Northampton and November 25-27 2019 at Brunel Manor.