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What an amazing day we had at the Emmanuel Centre on 8th September for The National Day of Prayer! We closed the bookings at 1400 people, but many more turned up on the day without having pre-booked. We had a warning that this might be the case, and on the same day we very quickly set up a relay in an adjacent room. Our grateful thanks to John Tan for organising the use of the minor hall, so we managed to squeeze in another 200 people. Sorry to all those people we had to disappoint, but what an encouragement that so many wanted to come to fast and pray! We could have filled another facility with more than twice the number. Even as I write this report Brenda is doing a telephone interview with Gordon Pettie of Revelation TV to bring a report about the day. We sought to allow this day of prayer to be guided by the Holy Spirit, and we were blessed as many people briefly spoke and prayed; Dr Clifford Hill, Clive and Jane Urquhart, Graham Lacey, Andrea Michiniello Williams, Julie Anderson, also the Team,  David Hathaway, Dennis Greenidge and Brenda and Roy. The worship was truly wonderful with Richard Lewis and Brenda and Juliet Dawn our singer. The presence of God was very powerful and we knew we had the attention of heaven. We so wanted to fulfill the criteria of 2 Chronicles 7:14 'If My people...' . There was weeping as we repented over the ungodly laws that have been passed in recent years, and the silence of the Church over it. We had a great unity as we sought the face of God.

Where do we go from here? We know there were miracles of deliverance following the National Prayer Day 77 years before, and we are expecting a turning. However, the war still had to be fought by brave warriors, and history records the wonderful victory, against all the odds, that was won.

We believe we need to press on, with more prayer being mobilised as the army of the Lord rises up. There may well be another day to come together, and we would love to continue this stirring of Christian hearts on behalf of our nation. Watch this space!

Thank you to all the  precious folk who served and played their part in making this a truly remarkable day! We believe it is now in the merciful hands of the Lord, and we wait to see what HE will do.......!

Roy and Brenda Taylor 

on behalf of the team, Julie and Anne.




Programme for the day

 We are very close now to the National Prayer Day on September 8th. We are thrilled with the response, and want to thank everyone who is making the effort to attend.

We also want to thank all those who are holding meetings all around the country and beyond. So our hearts can be united, whether in London or elsewhere, we are giving a brief overview of the day....
The time will be divided into 2-hour slots, which will each begin with worship. We are following the Biblical pattern of prayer in Nehemiah 1, which came from a heart burdened for his nation in a time of fast. The pattern was
1) Worship
3)Returning God's Word as a basis for mercy
4) Request.
We are blessed to have many streams joining together to send a cry to heaven, and also many Godly leaders who will help us focus correctly.
We want everyone to have a voice, so there will be opportunity in group times to express our heart to the Lord.
Please note that Revelation TV is running a programme on this on Monday 4th September at 10pm.
Please pray for security for traveling  and the event itself, as we cover all that will take place with a prayer shield, and let's believe for a TURNING!!
Many Blessings
Brenda Taylor on behalf of David Hathaway, Dennis Greenidge, and Roy, Julie and Anne of Dovetail Shalom.



To her Majesty Queen Elizabeth from her loyal and praying subjects


Held in London Friday 8th September 2017

On the 77th Anniversary of the Day of Prayer called by King George VI


Great Britain is the United Kingdoms of England – Scotland – N. Ireland and Wales

United under God and Queen

We believe that our British heritage is based on our Judeo/Christian culture and that for more than 400 years while this nation has honoured God in Word and in Deed and led by God fearing Kings and Queens Almighty God has blessed and prospered this nation and through prayer has delivered us from every evil attack and danger by prayer and the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We pray that Almighty God Creator of Heaven and Earth and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ

Will give long life and health to our Queen Elizabeth 11

Will unite this Great Nation in peace and love

Will strengthen our Government and Prime Minister

Will support us through Brexit

Will restore our Christian Heritage

Will restore Biblical standards in Public Life

And heal our land from all strife and division

“If My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.”

2 Chron.7 v 14

We repent of our sins both past and present – we repent of our failure to stand on the authority of our Bible as proclaimed by King James – first king of Great Britain

We repent of our failure to declare the infallibility of God’s Word and that Salvation is only through repentance and faith in the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ



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Thank you for joining us in prayer on this National Prayer Day, a day for laying down our own agendas, and linking hands together for the Kingdom. We are aware of the sins that have seen God’s holy laws eroded, and brought us to the brink of judgment. We know the Church has been woefully silent, and taken a compromising position which has made it’s light and salt effect barely negligible. We deserve judgment, but the Lord is merciful when His people cry out in repentance, and He Himself has laid out the conditions of His mercy flow of healing. We want to see a TURNING as we seek to fulfill these conditions, which is why we are fasting and praying.

It is essential that our hearts are in unity and clean before Him, as we have no authority in areas where we ourselves are guilty, so we are encouraging folk to prepare their own hearts before the Lord, so our hearts and hands are clean and we can ascend the hill of the Lord and stand in His Holy Place (Psalm 24) We believe worship is deeply pleasing to the Lord, so we will approach Him in an attitude of worship and seek to pray what is on His heart. Please soak yourselves in the Word, so we can return this to Him, which is very powerful!!

The day will pass quickly, so we realise we can’t cover every issue of need, but to help us we have laid out several areas we especially want to pray about. Apart from the folk in the Emmanuel Centre, there will be groups praying all round the Nation, and even in other nations, so these pointers will help to keep us focused and united…….They are by no means comprehensive…


We want to confess our sins of compromise, and silence ,while the wicked have been so vocal.

We confess lack of unity and embracing competition.

We confess our idols and wrong priorities.

We confess our lack of prayer and lack of Holy Spirit oil flowing in our lives and meetings.

We confess the sin of Replacement Theology, and lack of readiness as the Bride of Christ.


Pray for the completion of the Brexit process, not from any political slant, but rather to sever the spiritual ties with the EU and it’s humanistic agenda.

Seek forgiveness for our Nation as we have taken on board laws which undermine and oppose our Christian values.

Seek forgiveness that our children in this generation have been taught such confusing value systems, leaving them with no boundaries, no absolutes and dysfunctional role-models.


We are commanded to pray for those in authority over us, and despite any flaws, she is God’s choice at this time in our Land.

Pray for her protection, for strength and wisdom. Pray for Christians around to support and encourage her, and help her keep the faith, and uphold Christian values.


Pray for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales to stay united, and we will fulfill our God-given destiny.

It is humbling to know we will have heaven’s attention on that day, so please pray for security issues surrounding the event.

This is just a brief skeleton which is intended to help you. Please think about reading Nehemiah, Joel 2, Iasaiah26: 2-8 and 12.

We may send out again before Sept 8th, but we are so grateful for your response to the call.

Brenda Taylor

On behalf of David Hathaway, Pastor Dennis Greenidge, and Dovetail Shalom Ministries (Roy, Julie and Anne)

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