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 Prayer Report from National Prayer Day in Westminster Central Hall on September 8th 2018

This year, the event was held in a bigger venue, so that there would be no need to turn folk away. However, when the hall was full, there were many people queueing outside to get in! This tells a story that God's people are longing to see the Nation turn back to God. In the end, over 2000 were gathered, and there was a great sense of purpose and unity. Worship was led by Richard Lewis Huw Priday, and his team: Brenda Taylor and Juliet:with Vinesong ministering alongside.

David Hathaway led the day with many Kingdom ministries represented, including Dennis Greenidge, David Tidy, Barry Segal.....each willing to serve to bring a sense of pulling together.Many topics were covered for repentance, and declarations of faith for the future spoken out together. Worship was beautiful and powerful and brought a strong presence of the Lord.

The day went all too quickly as we had to close at 6pm, despite only a short break of 30 minutes for lunch.Many expressed what an amazing meeting it was, and we are all looking to see how the Lord will answer our cries for Brexit. At one point, the Lord spoke and shared His heart, very poignant...'Remember, remember from whence thou art fallen. Repent and return to your FIRST LOVE' .He wants a pure Bride, and this is a time of preparation. Thank you to everyone who made the effort to come, and send forth a corporate cry to the Lord for His mercy and grace to be poured out once again.